Rise of the Runelords

Local Heroes

A bullet list of plot points

  • Naja was introduced to the group
  • Naja successfully made a saving throw versus hookups for Tom
  • Tried again to converse with the goblin captives. Found out they like candy
  • Roderick and Aldern went on a hunting date. The group accidentally conspired to let Aldern take all the hunting glory and he sure feels proud of himself
  • Meeting with Hemlock, Mayor Deverin, and Shelalu, who finally started moving the plot along. Hemlock takes about half of the remaining guards to Magnimar to formally request aid. Deverin asks the group to just hang out in town so people freak out less.
  • Ameiko got a message from Tsuto, her half-brother, asking her to meet with him at their family’s business, the Glassworks, at midnight. He said he could prove that their father was behind the goblin attack. The note was translated from Minkaian by Bethana, a halfling maid at the Rusty Dragon. She’s worried because Tsuto is “troubled” and it’s been several hours since midnight.


No updates on the whole serial killer conspiracy? I hoped that the Shelalu would have more insight. I’m glad you guys are taking care of the gobbos, though. Those poor saps drew the short straw on life.

Local Heroes
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