Rise of the Runelords

Haps on the Beach

So shit went sideways last night with a mess of goblins interrupting the dedication ceremony. Tom Joad saved at least two of us, whilst shaming the offenders, Merridan alternated between taking a dirt nap and totally not slinging spells around. Xaniebar and Roderick managed to collect a number of unwilling goblin heads without spilling their beers, but caught ROUSSEAU crabs: CROUS? While they slept it off, managing somehow to pick up a “date” with one [Aldern Foxglove], Tom and Merri went to see if the goblins would be of any help. Between Tom’s scowl and Merri’s totally non-magical persuasive skills, the goblins gave up the following information of dubious value: 1) a longshanks (big person) looking at least somewhat like Tom (possibly an elf or half elf) riled them up at the Boneyard.

After a rest and totally splitting all gold from the relieved townsfolk, the party met up with a Sheriff Hemlock, who was most impressed with Xaniebar and Roderick’s battle prowess and solicited our help to investigate a mausoleum in the graveyard behind the cathedral. After much stamping around and absolutely no red herrings or blind alleys, we totally elucidated that a man came there and stole the body of the former priest: Tobyn Ezekian, leaving behind a few skeletons and a spent magic robe to piss off any dogooders.

Sheriff [Hemlock] then went to set up a meeting with the mayor, regarding repairing and bolstering defenses of the town with help from the city down the road, while we went and questioned [Zantus], the new high priest. He let us in on some dirt:
About 5 years ago, the town was plagued by a serial killer (presumably). Over the course of a month, about 25 bodies were found mutilated with hands and feet cut off and stacked next to the body, and the eyes and tongue removed entirely. [Casp Avertin], the sheriff at the time, responded to this largely by sinking into depression and boozing it up. Apparently, caps stumbled upon the “chopper” at his work and wounded the killer, but, being drunk, was himself mortally injured. [Belor], a uni at the time, found the scene and tracked (? With a posse or alone?) the chopper to the aptly named choppers isle, where he found one [Jervis Stoot], a local pop artisan (think a medieval dr. Bob with a murder fetish). [Stoot] was found in a shrine beneath his shed surrounded by the remains of the previous victims with his own eyes and tongue removed.

[Hemlock] burned the shrine and the town removed as much evidence of [Stoot] as it could. [Hemlock] became the new sheriff. About a month after this the cathedral was “accidentally” set afire, killing the priest [Ezekian], and his family, notably a daughter. The fire spread throughout the town, but mostly consumed the rich district around the cathedral. [Zantus] then became the head priest. After hearing that tale, we decided a drink was in order and returned to the rusty dragon, where [Ameiko], the patron, provided gratis beverage and lodging.

Other notables:
1) we learned that goblins are a normal part of the ecology picking through junk on the beeches and occasionally making homemade dog sausage in the streets. They are rarely a threat and aren’t seen in numbers.
2) [Gorvi] the half Orc runs a business collecting garbage and picking through it before tossing it on the beach for the gobbos to take. He probably has some historical context.
3) [Daverin Hosk] at the goblin squash stables pays bounty on goblin heads.
4) [Vorvashali Voon] collects magical items and may sell something of use.
5) [Zantus] will probably hook us up with healing


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