Rise of the Runelords

Glass and Wrath

A bullet list of plot points

  • Farther down through the Smuggler’s Tunnels below the Glassworks, an ancient Thassilonian ruin appeared!
  • The ruin was guarded by some kind of Horrible Monster
  • The party found a statue of a stern looking, likely historically significant woman. They stole her ransuer.
  • One of the first rooms explored was a cathedral, where a tiny demon/devil was minding it’s own business. When interrupted, it cut it’s own hand to bleed into a strange pit of bubbling ice-lava, out of which climbed another Horrible Monster. Combat began!
    • Combat did not go well, leading to the deaths of both Merridan and Zanbar.
    • Merridan’s body was hurled into the pit of ice-lava, which dissolved his body and the pit subsequently exploded. All that was left in the pit was a strangely warped Horrible Monster-Merridan hybrid.

At this point, the party fled the cathedral to recover and regroup.


zenith zenith

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