Rise of the Runelords

Glass and Wrath 2

  • Zanbar was delivered to the cathedral for burial
  • Nobody seemed to have a lot of details regarding the true purpose of the area below sandpoint. Some Theories were floated regarding Lamashtu, the goddess of monsters and disfigurement
  • Tsuto proved to be comfortable speaking with the party, but only warned them that it was too late to do anything about the fiery purge that was in store for Sandpoint, and that he was committed to Nualia above all else.
  • Father Zantus supplied the group with several protective items, as well as a young and particularly enthusiastic cleric, introduced as Thimble.
  • The group returned to the underground ruins to finish clearing out the area of danger. The tiny demon leader barely managed to escape again, but remained elusive for the remainder of the day and well into the next.
  • Naja brought down Quink to see what he could determine about the ruin now that it was safe. His assessment:
    • This area was definitely associated with an ancient practitioner of Thassilonian magic, and could even be someone as powerful as a Runelord, called so because runes were very important to their style of magic.
    • Thassilonian magic was fueled by emotion, both positive and negative, rather than the traditional schools we know of today. This particular person and location was fueled by anger, rage, and wrath.
    • The pit which Merridan became familiar with was identified as a Runewell, something which stores raw emotional energy and converts it into a magically usable form. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was destroyed by the actions of the party.
  • Several exits from the underground smugglers’ tunnels lead to areas in and around Sandpoint, the party sought to close them all off as soon as possible. One exit outside of town showed obvious signs of having been a goblin camp.
  • Ameiko sent a signal to Shalelu, who will hopefully return to Sandpoint ASAP and advise the party on what she thinks the best course of action will be.

The current (mostly binary) decision is bunker down and defend against whatever threat Nualia is bringing, or travel to Thistletop and strike them before they attack (again).


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