Rise of the Runelords

Into the Nettlewood

  • The group decided to scout out Thistletop after learning it was just a few hours away.
  • The Nettlewoods turned out to be a dangerous place choked full of biting weeds and stinging thorns.
  • At the edge of a cliff, the goblins had crafted a huge dome made of thistle hedges.
  • Merridan attempted to disguise himself and sneak into the goblin warren; he was foiled by having no knowledge of the goblin language.
  • The goblins there tried to beat him up, which foiled the illusory disguise!
  • A huge battle broke out, leaving a dozen or so goblins dead. They appeared to not even be goblins from the Nettlewood, but actually Birdcrunchers.
  • From a door leading out over the cliff face, a ruined fortress occupied by the goblins could be seen beyond a 60-foot rope bridge over an 80-foot drop into crashing and dangerous waves below. Not to mention the shadowy thing which devoured one of the goblins defeated by Merridan.
  • Farther along a powerful spellcaster goblin ambushed the party along with a firepelt cougar. He had the power to wield flames from his hands as well as move through the thistle hedges supernaturally. Unfortunately for him, the battle was cut short as Naja managed to overwhelm his mind with her superior casting.
  • The goblin shaman was kicked into the pit leading to the shadow creature. At the bottom of the pit, the shaman used his magic to whisper a message to a small bat which flew from his finger towards the fortress. Merridan sent his familiar to chase it down, a tiny battle ensues!


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